Similarly to how many people feel that in today’s searing-hot market they can sell a home without a Realtor®, countless others feel like it is safe to engage in risky behavior such as texting and driving and leaving their car unlocked. There are so many minute factors that go into the safe transfer of real estate, your average law-abiding citizen cannot possibly expect to stay on top of all of the state’s regulations. Hopefully your Realtor® advised you accordingly when you purchased where you are, as previous owners’ actions have been known to come back and raise issue with a clean and marketable title.

This is not meant to serve as some sort of scary and spooky tale, full of hauntings and malicious people from yesteryear. My sole hope is to provide you the best and most-informed representation possible, to ensure that no claims are made against you as they may pertain to the sale of your property. When you factor into the equation my long-standing proficiencies in both marketing and branding, these work together seamlessly to help you win on multiple fronts: selling your property and getting a great price for it. After all, this has been much more than just a home… this was your trophy- an integral part of your family that served as the setting for countless memories.

“Helping you put the me in home”

Jordan T. McGee

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