Competitive doesn’t quite begin to cover it when describing today’s market for buyers. Achieving success within this highly aggressive arena can seem like a long-shot and has served as a deterrent for many prospective homeowners– and this isn’t limited to first-time home buyers. ‘Winning’ in the game of purchasing a home isn’t exclusively a numbers game, and simply because an offer has a higher purchase price, it does not automatically correlate to acceptance.

Crafting an offer that fits both your needs and abilities, yet remains desirable to the listing party, is an art form within itself at times. When preparing for a tournament, athletic teams will have practice after practice and scrimmage upon scrimmage in order to ensure that they are entering the game at the height of their ability to snag a victory and bring home the trophy. The home that we’ve worked together to find is your trophy, and I will work relentlessly on your behalf as your coach, but also as your teammate in order to help you bring home the gold.

With a network of highly-skilled, strongly-vetted professionals on our side, we will soar through the home buying process from pre-qualification to closing. Of course it is extremely rare for a play to be made without some interference, which is where it becomes crucial to have a strong, cohesive team supporting you. Being able to pivot and avoid crises that could flush away everything that we’ve worked tirelessly to assemble is another creative strength that I pledge to you. Let’s get the ball rolling and help you to both grow and enrich your investment portfolio– after all, a house is oftentimes the largest single chunk of a person’s net worth!

“Helping you put the me in home”

Jordan T. McGee

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