Moving to a new place can be a daunting task. A number of unknown variables are suddenly imperative to have answers to, such as where will you rack your barbells, where will you tithe, and where will you meet friends on a Friday night. For this reason alone, many new residents to a city are apprehensive to take the homeownership plunge until they’ve test-driven a city. In many of these cases, renting can appear to be a perfect solution to this dilemma.

Enter Home Partners America (HPA). With 500 homes in the Charlotte-metropolitan area alone, HPA has an amply-sized inventory from which individuals can choose when looking for a great place to live. Completing their online application will enable HPA to take a comprehensive look at an applicant’s financial standing, and therefore grant them the ability to approve a monthly rental amount for said applicant. Once equipped with this information, it’s shopping time!

At the end of a 12-month lease, the tenant will be given first right of refusal to purchase the home they’ve been renting, to extend the lease for another year, or to simply move on to another property. And if there aren’t any homes that fit both the applicant’s desires AND HPA’s guidelines, I can submit a property for their consideration on your behalf so that they would purchase this listing and take it into their inventory to meet both parties’ needs. This truly remarkable approach to homeownership is a brilliant way to handle new territory (as mentioned above), to save up more money for a larger down payment, or even to work on repairing your credit in the interim. Please take a look at Home Partners of America’s current offerings and let’s help you find A New Path to Homeownership®!

“Helping you put the “me” in “Home”
Jordan Mcgee

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