Pellyn Wood

Mostly farmland until the end of the 20th century, Pellyn Wood has been developed in a very meticulous and discreet manner. This neighborhood is the archetype of Charlotte’s seemingly hidden beauty. Without prior knowledge of Pellyn Wood or a stroke of divine intervention, one would easily drive right past any of the shaded, secluded roads that serve as entry-points. Denoted by a single, solitary sign, Pellyn Wood has matured into one of the finest and most exclusive communities in the Queen City. Whether French chateau, Greek Revival, or modern be your architectural-style preference, this diverse assortment of homes all manage to coexist harmoniously within this wooded borough… which could very well be attributed to the expansive lot-size that is found here, making Pellyn Wood Charlotte’s premier wooded haven. 


“Helping you put the me in home”

Jordan T. McGee