One of the more pristine neighborhoods in Charlotte, Eastover is what some would call The Crown Jewel of the Queen City. Tudor, Victorian, and Georgian homes (among others) flank either side of Cherokee Road, Colville Road, Hempstead Place, and of course Museum Drive. Museum Drive gets its name from the first US Mint, which was moved into Eastover from Uptown in 1936. The Mint Museum Randolph is a Greek Revival building that serves as the home for American, European, and Pre-Columbian Art as well as fashion and other cultural artifacts. Grand, sloping lawns and impeccably-manicured grounds are found at any number of the private residences, some 500+ of which make up the largely residential Eastover neighborhood.
Whether you find yourself walking down Colville Road’s beautifully-paved sidewalks or following the gentle curve of Cherokee Road lit by a setting sun, the calm serenity of Eastover is almost palpable. Nestled snugly between Myers Park and Uptown, Eastover is bounded on two sides by Providence Road which means that not only is this area a marvel, its also highly-accessible. The Mint Museum Randolph makes up the bulk of the rear of this gorgeous enclave, occupying slightly more than 20 acres of pristine land that is publicly accessible for enjoyment. If at the end of the day you want only to escape from the world into your own private residence, then Eastover could very well be precisely what the doctor ordered.


“Helping you put the me in home”

Jordan T. McGee